How Online Counselling Works

Guiding Hand’s online counselling services offers counselling via instant messenger enabling you to chat with a counsellor online using text messages.

Before you can access the online counselling service you need to book and pay for an appointment. To book an appointment go to our booking page or, to find out more about how to book.

Step 1 – Start Live Chat

Once you have an appointment, go to the home page of our help portal website: You will see a Live Chat button which will show ONLINE, as below, when your counsellor is ready.


At the time of your appointment, click on the button to start the live chat. You will need to enter some basic details, as below:

Live Chat - Step 1

Click Next to continue

Step 2 – Chat

You will see your initial question appear in the chat window. You counsellor will see this too and respond. You can then continue the conversation by entering more text in the box outlined in red. When press Enter, or click Send, the text will be sent.

Live Chat - Step 2

Step 3 – Ending the Session

You can end the session at any time by clicking the End Chat link, otherwise your counsellor will end the chat once your session has completed. When the chat has ended you have an opportunity to print a transcript of the session.

Live Chat - Step 3

If the live chat ends prematurely before the end of the session, just follow the same instructions to start the chat again.