Sarah Foster’s Story


I am from Newcastle, but have lived in Durham for the past 10 years. I became a permanent foster carer for 3 young people soon after settling into Durham.  This is where my specialist interest in relationships and my clinical practice began. 

I work with clients on a short-term (up to 6 sessions) basis, as well as longer-term for a more in-depth therapy. I am very passionate about counselling and I believe it can make a positive difference.  When I began my career, my training was in Person Centred Counselling, however, I now have another therapeutic approach which runs alongside; integrated approach. I am interested in the childhood and life history of each person which is unique to them & will have an influence on their present difficulties. 

Apart from my private practice, I have worked for nearly 30 years within the care sector – including many charities such as Mind, Victim Support young peoples project, Mental Health Matters crisis helpline, counselling in GP’s surgeries, St Clare’s Hospice, a number of young peoples children’s charities, primary and secondary schools. As well as working in depth with Looked After Children and within prisons within the North East.

My particular interest is how we grow, develop, learn and eventually move on from either an external or internal conflict. I’m passionate about relationships; therefore, the focus of my work, over the years has been to help people, relate to each other (and themselves) in a better more authentic way. I have had counselling myself and so I know what it is like to be on the other side. 

A lot of us grew up thinking that ‘independence’ was good and that needing others was not so good. However, science has confirmed what the pioneer of attachment theory, John Bowlby told us a long time ago – we need others to survive. Being able to draw on our loved ones, friends or a support group (meaning , being able to and allowing ourselves to lean on others in times of need) is not only ok, its essential for our wellbeing. 

Sarah Foster

During our sessions, I will help you become more emotionally resilient and attuned to your needs. I will support you to find deeper meaning in your life, through an exploration and better understanding of your needs and priorities in life. I will encourage you to become the driver of your life, by helping you make life choices based on mindful reflection rather than reactivity. I strive to offer a non judgemental safe space where you can feel comfortable talking about any problems you may be facing.  

Counselling Qualifications

  •  BA (Hons) Degree in Counselling – Sunderland University
  • Foundation Degree in Humanistic Counselling – Tynemetropolitan College (in partnership with Sunderland University)

Workshops and Training Courses

Brief Focal Therapy , Mindfulness, Making Endings, Working with Metaphor, Inductory Clinical Workshop with Place2Be, Children’s Emotional Well-being, Inroduction to Attachment Theory & Practice, Helping Children Tell their Stories, Self-harm, CBT for Depression, Mental Health, Personality Disorders, Transition to Becoming a Teenager, Domestic Violence Awareness, Child Protection Awareness, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Awareness Training, Introduction to Counselling Children/Play Therapy are just a few.